The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.12.21
Ep 1395 | 8.12.21

More stolen alt-coin is returned. Accenture reports minimal effects in the alleged LockBit attack. Home routers attacked. Source code for sale? PrintNightmare exploited in the wild. Extradition cases.

Show Notes

More stolen coin is returned in the case of the Poly Network cross-chain hack. Accenture says the incident it sustained had no significant effect, and the LockBit ransomware gang who claimed responsibility release some relatively anodyne files. Home routers are under attack. Crooks are offering what they claim to be Bkav source code for sale on Raidforums. Magniber weaponizes a PrintNightmare flaw. Dinah Davis from Arctic Wolf shares stats on the state of women in cyber. Our guest is Peter Voss of on what’s missing in artificial intelligence. Two extradition cases proceed. And the Solarium Commission reports.