The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.16.21
Ep 1397 | 8.16.21

Possible consequences of Afghanistan’s fall to the Taliban. Non-state actors’ political motives. Poly Network rewards “Mr. White Hat.” C2C offering will check your alt-coin. Breach at T-Mobile?

Show Notes

The Taliban has effectively taken control of Afghanistan, and the fall of Kabul is likely to have a quick, near-term effect on all forms of security. The Indra Group’s actions against Iranian interests suggest the potential of non-state, politically motivated actors. Crooks returned almost all the money rifled from DeFi provider Poly Network. A new C2C service tells hoods if their alt-coin is clean. DeepBlueMagic is a new strain of ransomware. Chris Novak of Verizon on advancing incident response. Rick Howard is taking on Orchestration in this week’s CSO Perspectives. And T-Mobile investigates claims of a data breach.