The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.17.21
Ep 1398 | 8.17.21

Consequence of the Taliban victory for influence operations and information security. Privateering gangs described. Data exposures, data compromises.

Show Notes

Al Qaeda online sources cheer the Taliban’s ascendancy. The new rulers of Afghanistan are likely to have acquired a good deal of sensitive data along with political rule and a quantity of US-supplied military equipment. Terrorist watchlist data were found in an exposed server (now taken offline). Connections between gangland and Russian intelligence. T-Mobile was hacked, but it’s unclear what if any data were compromised. Joe Carrigan on FlyTrap Android Malware Compromising Thousands of Facebook Accounts. Our guest is Liam O’Murchu from Symantec on what keeps him up at night. And some personal information was exposed in the Colonial Pipeline incident.