The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.19.21
Ep 1400 | 8.19.21

T-Mobile outlines what it’s offering customers hit by its data breach. Taliban on good T&C behavior? Apple’s CSAM. OS bug may affect medical devices. A report on 2020’s US Census Bureau hack.

Show Notes

T-Mobile describes what it intends to do for those who may have been affected by its big data breach. The Taliban is taking care not to get banned from social media. Apple defends its CSAM measures against a technical objection, but advocacy groups see a slippery policy slope. The US FDA warns of vulnerabilities in an OS used by medical devices. A report on a 2020 incident at the US Census Bureau. David Dufour shares a few surprises from Webroot’s 2021 Threat Report. Our guest is Brandon Hoffman from Intel 471 on cybercriminals creating turbulence for the transportation industry. And a Bitcoin tumbler cops a guilty plea.