The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.20.21
Ep 1401 | 8.20.21

Warm wallet pilferage. Advice on reducing the ransomware risk. Regulatory action in the T-Mobile breach. China’s privacy law. FTC refiles monopoly complaint against Facebook. Better MICE traps?

Show Notes

Pilferage reported from Liquid Global’s alt-coin warm wallets. CISA offers advice on reducing the risk of ransomware. The FCC is looking into the T-Mobile breach, and Moody’s raises questions about the telco’s risk management. China passes its own version of GDPR. The FTC refiles its monopoly complaint against Facebook. Caleb Barlow on 3rd Party Breach Notifications and finding out if your information is being traded on the dark web. Rick Howard speaks with hash table member Zan Vautrinot about serving on boards. And the FBI warns that insiders can be recruited for industrial espionage.