The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.23.21
Ep 1402 | 8.23.21

Notes on the fall of Afghanistan, with its cyber and kinetic implications. US State Department hack reported. ShinyHunters resurface. Further incentive to patch Microsoft Exchange Server.

Show Notes

The Taliban consolidates control over Afghanistan, and it’s doing so online as well as on the ground. Reports say the US State Department has come under cyberattack; State says that any such incident was without significant effect. The ShinyHunters say they’ve obtained a great deal of PII from AT&T, but AT&T says that, whatever the crooks have, it didn’t come from AT&T. Rick Howard on orchestration. Carole Theriault on women in cybersecurity - are thing getting any better? And exploitation gives organizations even more incentive to patch Microsoft Exchange server instances.