The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.26.21
Ep 1405 | 8.26.21

A quick look back at yesterday’s White House industry meeting. Revolution, coup, or a bit of both? Storytelling for security. Lessons from Olympic scams. Notes from the underworld.

Show Notes

Outcomes from the White House industry cybersecurity summit: standards, training, zero-trust, and multifactor authentication. The Cyber Partisans aim at the overthrow of Lukashenka’s rule in Minsk. A role for storytelling in security. Scams, sports, and streaming. Speculation about the ShinyHunters’ next moves. Verizon’s Chris Novak on Reducing false positives in threat intelligence. Bentsi Ben Atar from Sepio Systems on the risks of hardware-based attacks, internal abusers, corporate espionage, and Wi-Fi. And cybercriminals like their VPNs, too.