The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.27.21
Ep 1406 | 8.27.21

The T-Mobile hacker speaks (we think). SparklingGoblin enters the cyberespionage ring. Is someone stealing data to train AI? Cellebrite’s availability. Ragnarok ransomware says it’s going out of business.

Show Notes

A young man claiming responsibility for the T-Mobile breach talks to the Wall Street Journal. A new cyberespionage group, “SparklingGoblin,” seems particularly interested in educational institutions, especially in Southeast and East Asia. Are governments training AI with stolen data? Mitigations for Microsoft issues. Cellebrite tools may still be available to Chinese police. Kevin Magee from Microsoft wonders if leaders have over pivoted toward technical skill. Our guest is Bill Wright of Splunk on the ongoing geopolitical ransomware trend. And another ransomware gang says it’s going out of business...we’ll wait and see.