The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.1.21
Ep 1409 | 9.1.21

A look at cyber gangland. Sino-Australian tension in cyberspace. Vulnerabilities reported (and disputed) in a home security system. Labor Day warnings.

Show Notes

Ransomware continues to hold pride-of-place in cybercrime. A look inside the mind of cyber gangland, or at least that portion of their mind they’re willing to expose. Business email compromise operators look for communication skills, and the underworld seems to think university students make good money mules. Reports of vulnerabilities in a home security system. When Canberra angered Beijing. Caleb Barlow has thoughts on the FBI response to MS Exchange vulnerabilities. Our guest’s are Peter Singer and Lisa Guernsey on New America's Teaching Cyber Citizenship initiative. And CISA and the FBI advise being alert over Labor Day.