The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.2.21
Ep 1410 | 9.2.21

LockBit updates. The BrakTooth bugs infesting Bluetooth. Malicious cable proof-of-concept. EU fines WhatsApp over GDPR issues. Insider threats. Action against an alleged stalkerware vendor.

Show Notes

The LockBit gang jumps the gun, and crows a bit higher than the facts seem to warrant. Ghostwriter seems to ride a much bigger infrastructure than previously believed. BrakTooth bugs afflict “billions” of Bluetooth devices. OMG cables include a keylogger that phones home. The EU fines WhatsApp over GDPR violations. Insider threats can be difficult to recognize. David Dufour from Webroot thinks it’s great that you haven’t been breached...yet. Our guest is Mark Nunnikhoven from Lacework with results from their Cloud Threat Report. And an alleged stalkerware vendor is sanctioned by the US Federal Trade Commission.