The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.7.21
Ep 1412 | 9.7.21

A threat from Ragnar Locker. GhostWriter in the Bundestag. BKA bought Pegasus. Taliban sifts data for potential opponents. France-Visas hacked. Modified apps. Privacy notes. A TrickBot arrest.

Show Notes

No spectacular flurry of Labor Day ransomware, but Ragnar Locker threatens its victims. Berlin complains to Moscow about GhostWriter. Another Pegasus customer is disclosed. The Taliban is searching for data on potential domestic opponents. France-Visas hacked. Modified apps in circulation. Joe Carrigan unpacks a Covid based phishing scam. Carole Theriault weighs in on the ransomware pay-or-do-not-pay discussion. ProtonMail answers a warrant, Apple delays CSAM screening, and an alleged TrickBot coder is arrested.