The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.8.21
Ep 1413 | 9.8.21

BladeHawk Android cyberespionage campaign in progress. Labor Day was quiet, but the gangs are now back at it. REvil’s remnant stirs. Bulletproof hosting. Phishing keywords.

Show Notes

BladeHawk cyberespionage campaign in progress. Microsoft warns of targeted attacks in progress. Hey--the hoods took a breather over Labor Day, but the straw hats are off now, and they’re back at work. Someone is rummaging in REvil’s unquiet grave. Bulletproof hosting services and the criminal marketplace. Mike Benjamin from Black Lotus Labs on ReverseRAT 2.0. Rick Howard checks in with Philip Reiner from the Ransomware Taskforce. And does a New Urgent Message Require Action? Maybe not.