The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.25.21
Ep 1445 | 10.25.21

SolarMarket malware carried in some WordPress sites. Russian privateers don’t much like REvil’s takedown. The SVR in the supply chain. Malicious Squid Games app. Scary social media.

Show Notes

SolarMarket infestations are up, and circulating through WordPress sites. More indications that REvil was taken down by a US-led but thoroughly international public-private partnership, and the other Russian privateers have their noses seriously out of joint. Russia’s SVR is getting busy in software supply chains. Criminals take advantage of the popularity of Squid Games. Dinah Davis from Arctic Wolf on how even hackers have internal politics. Rick Howard checks in with the Hash Table on compliance. And Halloween is coming: do you know what your apps are up to?