The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.28.21
Ep 1448 | 10.28.21

Hacktivists or intelligence services in Iran? BOLO NIkolay K. Renouncing Conti, and all its empty promises. SEO poisoning. US cyber strategic intent.

Show Notes

Iran continues its recovery from a cyberattack that disrupted subsidized fuel distribution. Wanted in Stuttgart (but living it up in Russia): ransomware kingpin Nikolay K. The Conti ransomware gang gets poor customer service notices. Food distribution is on the cybercriminals’ target lists. SolarMarker’s use of SEO poisoning. The US publishes a statement of strategic intent for its cybersecurity czar’s office. David Dufour from Webroot wonders if there’s any hope at slowing down malware. Our own Brandon Karpf describes the DoD’s Skillbridge program. And decryptors are made available for three ransomware strains.