The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.1.21
Ep 1450 | 11.1.21

Iranian officials blame the US and Israel for gas station cyber sabotage. A new direction for NSO? Cyber extortion, Minecraft phishing, and sugar daddies looking for sugar babies (sez they).

Show Notes

Iran hasn’t finished investigating its gas station cyber sabotage, but Tehran is pretty sure the Great and Lesser Satans are behind it. NSO Group says it’s going in a new, nicer direction. The Conti gang hits a luxury jewelry dealer, and another, unknown group hits an upscale art dealership. The Chaos gang is after Minecraft players (players who cheat). Caleb Barlow on pre-breach pre-approvals. Rick Howard introduces sand tables in cyber space. And sugar daddies come to the world of advance fee scams.