The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.3.21
Ep 1452 | 11.3.21

Ransomware gangs talk about retiring, and about deception. High-level Russo-American talks. US sanctions four spyware vendors. CISA tells US agencies to patch known, exploited vulnerbalities.

Show Notes

The BlackMatter ransomware gang says that it’s retiring under pressure from the authorities. The spokesman for the Groove group says his gang doesn’t exist--he was just playing the media. Quiet, high-level talks held between senior US and Russian officials. The US Commerce Department sanctions four spyware vendors. Carole Theriault wonders if you can train yourself free of social engineering. Josh Ray from Accenture Security with insights from their Cyber Investigations and Forensic Response team. CISA tells Federal agencies to get patching.