The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.4.21
Ep 1453 | 11.4.21

Britain’s Labour Party sustains a “data incident.” CERT-FR describes a new affiliate gang, Lockean. US, Russian intelligence chiefs discuss cybersecurity. Gas is flowing in Iran again. Start-ups honored.

Show Notes

Britain’s Labour Party is affected by a ransomware incident a third-party provider sustained. ANSSI identifies a new ransomware affiliate gang, “Lockean.” Notes on how and why BlackMatter and REvil went on the lam. Russo-American talks discussed cybercrime and cybersecurity. Iran’s gas stations are fully back in business, following the cyber sabotage they sustained. Kevin Magee from Microsoft has highlights from their 2021 Digital Defence Report. Our guest is Ofer Ben Noon of Talon Cyber Security addressing browser vulnerabilities. And DataTribe has announced the winners of its fourth annual Cybersecurity Start-up Challenge.