The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.10.21
Ep 1457 | 11.10.21

Cyberespionage from Tehran. Clopp ransomware operators exploit vulnerable SolarWinds instances. Mercenaries and lawful intercept vendors. Patch Tuesday.

Show Notes

Tehran’s Lyceum group expands its activities against ISPs and telcos in Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia. Clopp is going after unpatched instances of SolarWinds. Cyber mercenaries are quietly competing with lawful intercept vendors. NSO Group receives a setback from the US 9th Circuit. Mexico makes an arrest in its Pegasus investigation. Carole Theriault shares her thoughts on the supply chain. Josh Ray from Accenture Security on Moving Left of the Ransomware Boom. And notes on Patch Tuesday.