The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.17.21
Ep 1461 | 11.17.21

CISA and its partners warn of Iranian cyber ops. Cyberespionage in the Middle East with Candiru tools. Belarus connected to Ghostwriter. Facebook boots SideCopy. RAMP recruits members.

Show Notes

CISA, the FBI, the ACSC, and the NCSC issue a joint advisory warning of an Iranian cyber campaign exploiting known vulnerabilities in Fortinet and Microsoft Exchange. A Belarusian connection to Ghostwriter. Candiru tools reported in watering holes. SideCopy’s interest in Afghanistan. RAMP shows an interest in attracting Chinese operators. Josh Ray from Accenture Security digs into the CONTI playbook leak. Our guest is Matt Keeley from Bishop Fox on fuzzing. And Pompompurin wants to sell you leaked Robinhood data.