The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.1.21
Ep 1469 | 12.1.21

Trends among the APTs. Imaginary times and imaginary places. Flubot in Finland. Emotet false alarms in Office. Smishing for Iranian Android users. CISA’s ICS advisories. Moscow on cybercrime.

Show Notes

RTF template injection is newly favored by APTs. Malware hides in February 31st. Milords and miladies, the Principality of Sealand hath been hacked. Finland's National Cyber Security Center warns of a large-scale Flubot campaign in progress. False alarms are flagging Emotet where it isn’t found. Iranians victimized by a smishing campaign. CISA issues industrial control system advisories. Kevin Magee from Microsoft is really trying to rid the world of passwords. Our guest is Mike Hendrickson of Skillsoft to discuss turning the tide in this fight against cybercrime. And Mr. Putin says Russia’s in favor of international cooperation against cybercrime.