The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.3.21
Ep 1471 | 12.3.21

Espionage phishbait in South and Southwest Asia. A utility recovers from a cyber incident. GAO tells the US Congress cyber strategy is wanting. Investigations, Moscow and Missouri style.

Show Notes

SideCopy, a Pakistani APT, is phishing for information in both India and Afghanistan. A Colorado electrical utility continues to recover from a cyber incident it sustained early last month. The GAO tells the US Congress that the nation still lacks a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. The Missouri Highway Patrol continues, for some reason, to investigate a responsible disclosure as a criminal hack. Dinah Davis from Arctic Wolf on hackers targeting Minecraft. Our guest is Blake Darché from Area 1 Security with research on phishing. And it appears Moscow thinks a Group-IB leader outed Fancy Bear to the US.