The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.6.21
Ep 1472 | 12.6.21

Hot wallets hacked. Pegasus found in US State Department personnel’s phones. Cozy Bear update. Cybersecurity on the Russo-US summit agenda. US Cyber Command says it’s imposing costs.

Show Notes

Cryptocurrency exchange loses almost $200 million as two hot wallets are compromised. Phones belonging to US State Department personnel concerned with Uganda are found to have been infected with NSO Group’s Pegasus surveillance technology. Mandiant reports recent activity by the threat group thought responsible for the SolarWinds compromise. Cybersecurity will be on the agenda at tomorrow’s Russo-US summit. Caleb Barlow outlines threats to the Winter Olympics. Rick the-toolman Howard looks at the marketing hype-cycle. And US Cyber Command says it’s been imposing costs.