The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.10.21
Ep 1476 | 12.10.21

Cyberespionage in Southeast Asia. Two young extortion gangs make their bones. Bot-herders like MikroTik devices. Log4Shell zero-day exploited in the wild. Update on the Assange case.

Show Notes

Cyberespionage in support of Belt and Road, and of Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea. Karakurt ransomware skips the encryption and goes right to the doxing. Black Cat ransomware is rising. Vulnerable MikroTik devices are bot-herders’ favorites. The Log4Shell zero-day is being exploited in the wild, and will be a tough one to remediate. Julian Assange moves closer to extradition. Johannes Ullrich on changing user behavior. Our guest is Oliver Rochford of Securonix on the affordability of good security. And shoulder-surfing as a threat to Snapchat users.