The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.21.21
Ep 1483 | 12.21.21

Belgium’s MoD suffers Log4shell attack. A man-in-the-middle concept. APT activity. Five Russians face US charges (one’s in custody). Fortunes of coin-mining. Holiday greetings from CISA and the FBI.

Show Notes

Belgium’s Ministry of Defense comes under attack via Log4j vulnerabilities. A cellular handover, man-in-the-middle exploit is described by researchers. The FBI says an APT group is exploiting unpatched Zoho ManageEngine Desktop Central servers. The US charges five Russian nationals with a range of cybercrimes. Coin-miners in China feel some heat. Ben Yelin describes a Meta lawsuit targeting anonymous phishers. Our guest Todd Carroll of CybelAngel explains the shifting tactics of “troll farms”. And, Grinchbots aside, CISA and the FBI offer holiday greetings and advice.