The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.22.21
Ep 1484 | 12.22.21

The Five Eyes have some joint advice on detecting, defending against, and responding to Log4j exploitation. Notes on ransomware, espionage, and cyber conflict.

Show Notes

More criminals exploit vulnerabilities in Log4j. The Five Eyes issue a joint advisory on Log4j-related vulnerabilities, as other government organizations look into defending themselves against Log4shell. Ransomware updates. Russo-Ukrainian tensions rise, as does the likelihood of Russian cyberattacks against its neighbor. Uganda and NSO Group’s troubles. CISA issues six ICS advisories. Malek Ben Salem explains synthetic voices. Our guest is Dr. David Lanc from Ionburst on embracing Data Out protection. And some advice on how to be the family help desk and CISO during the holiday season.