The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.4.22
Ep 1487 | 1.4.22

Log4j issues persist. Konni RAT found in New Year’s greetings. Hacktivism or state-directed cyber action? Moscow worries about Mr. Klyushin’s knowledge. The Show-Me-Too-Much State.

Show Notes

It’s going to take time, vigilance, and attention to detail to manage the Log4j risks. A North Korean APT is trying to install the Konni RAT into Russian diplomats’ devices. More hacktivist-looking incidents follow the anniversary of Iranian General Soleimani’s death. Other, self-inflicted, software supply chain incidents. The Kremlin is said to be worried about what Mr. Klyushin might tell the Americans who’ve got him in jail. Ben Yelin on the tension between ephemeral messaging apps and the public’s right to know. Mr Security Answer Person John Pescatore joins our show. And the Show-Me state needs to rethink all that showin’.