The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.12.22
Ep 1493 | 1.12.22

The US and EU seek to shore up cybersecurity as Russo-Ukraininan tensions run high. NIST updates secure system standards. Ransomware exploits Log4shell. Dog bites man: fraud in social media.

Show Notes

The US issues an alert over the prospect of Russian cyberattacks, and the EU begins a series of stress tests, both in apparent response to concerns over the prospect of a Russian attack on Ukraine. NIST updates its guidance on Engineering Trustworthy Secure Systems. NIght Sky ransomware exploits Log4shell. Phishing afflicts a hotel chain. Carole Theriault examines international efforts to stop digital fraud. Ben Yelin fon Seattle Police Faking Radio Chatter. And we’re shocked, shocked, to learn of fraud and piracy on a social media platform.