The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.19.22
Ep 1497 | 1.19.22

Updates on what Ukraine is now calling “BleedingBear.” CISA advises organizations to prepare for Russian cyberattacks. Other cyberespionage campaigns, and a new ransomware strain.

Show Notes

Ukraine confirms that it was hit by wiper malware last week, as tension between Moscow and Kyiv remains high. It remains high as well between Russia and NATO, as Russia continues marshaling conventional forces around Ukraine. CISA advises organizations to prepare to withstand Russian cyberattacks. Other cyberespionage campaigns are reported, as is a new strain of ransomware. Microsoft’s Kevin Magee provides friendly counsel for CISOs and boards. Our guest is Clar Rosso from ISC2 on the communication gap between cybersecurity teams and executive leaders when it comes to ransomware. And the natural disaster in Tonga may offer lessons in resilience and recovery.