The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.1.22
Ep 1506 | 2.1.22

Updates on the crisis over Ukraine, as Russian cyber operations continue. Ransomware threatens OT. Ramnit remains a leading banking Trojan. Bots infesting some NFT markets. Agencies advise opsec.

Show Notes

No progress so far in talks over the Ukraine crisis, as Moscow’s diplomacy and influence operations merge in a narrative of a Russia beset by armed Nazis, goaded on by a greedy America that doesn’t want Russia competing in world markets. Ransomware and cyberthreats to OT systems. Ramnit is still up and at em in the banking Trojan world. Bots are following big brands in NFT markets, with predictable effects. Ben Yelin has an update on NSO Groups’s marketing attempts to the FBI. An introduction to Dr. Andrew Hammond and the SpyCast podcast. And sending that sample in for your doctor? Bro, buy locally.