The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.9.22
Ep 1512 | 2.9.22

A Foreign Office hack is disclosed (but that’s it). Preparing for a cyber escalation in the hybrid war Russia’s waging against Ukraine. Multi-cloud threats. Patch Tuesday notes. Razzlekhan raps.

Show Notes

Britain’s Foreign Office sustained a cyberattack last month (the details are secret). Poland stands up a Cyber Defense Force as Europe and North America raise their level of cyber readiness. Negotiations over the Russian pressure on Ukraine are likely to be protracted. Threats to multi-cloud environments. Patch Tuesday notes. Dinah Davis from Arctic Wolf on keeping kids safe online. Carole Theriault examines Mozilla’s Privacy Not Included campaign. And Razzlekhan rocks the mic with her mad skillz, or used to, anyway.