The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.15.22
Ep 1516 | 2.15.22

Cyberattacks reported in Ukraine as Russia signals a willingness to negotiate with NATO. TA2541 targets aviation and allied sectors. BlackCat’s tough to shake. Romance scams. Beamers.

Show Notes

Reports of cyberattacks against Ukrainian targets as the parties to the crisis resume negotiations. The US has been forthcoming with intelligence on Russia’s ambitions in the region; those revelations form part of an influence strategy. An apparent criminal group is targeting aviation and related sectors. BlackCat ransomware victims are having difficulty recovering. Why conditions favor romance scams. Ben Yelin looks at pending cyber breach notification laws. Our guest Padraic O'Reilly from CyberSaint on the effectiveness of Biden's plan to protect the water sector. And “beamers” defraud Roblox players.