The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.18.22
Ep 1519 | 2.18.22

False flags, disinformation, and cyber operations in a hybrid conflict. Log4j vulnerabilities exploited. Wiper used against Iranian television. Kraken’s evolution. CISA’s guide to free security tools.

Show Notes

False flags and disinformation in Ukraine, as Western governments warn of the risk of both Russian escalation and the prospects of cyberattacks spreading beyond Ukraine’s borders. Log4j “Day-1” vulnerabilities exploited in the wild. Threat actors deployed a wiper in the course of hijacking Iranian television. The Kraken botnet is evolving, picking up an information-stealing capability. Our guest is Brittany Allen of Sift to discuss the DOJ seizing 3.6B worth of stolen crypto. Chris Novak from Verizon addresses Geopolitics and threat intelligence. And CISA launches a Catalog of Free Cybersecurity Services and Tools.