The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.2.22
Ep 1526 | 3.2.22

Slow-motion brutality against Ukraine as sanctions begin to bite Russia. Big Tech takes sides. Ransomware continues to bother major corporations.

Show Notes

Russia’s invasion in Ukraine is still slow, but it’s grown more brutal. Sanctions are beginning to hit Russia hard. The cyber phase of this hybrid war seems more informational than destructive, which is surprising. Big Tech has taken Ukraine’s side, and some Russian companies face a tough balancing act. Our guest is Lavi Lazarovitz from CyberArk with predictions on supply chain security. Malek Ben Salem from Accenture on deploying effective deception systems. And ransomware continues to pester major corporations.

Selected reading.

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Nvidia says hackers are leaking company data after ransomware attack (TechCrunch) 

Insurer Aon falls victim to a cyber attack (Computing) 

Toyota to restart Japan production after cyberattack on supplier triggers one-day halt (The Edge Markets) 

Cyberattack on Toyota's supply chain shuts all its factories in Japan for 24 hours (CNN)