The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.3.22
Ep 1527 | 3.3.22

Russia and Belarus exchange cyber operations with Ukraine. The US announces Task Force KleptoCapture. Vulnerable infusion pumps. TCP middlebox reflection. Notes on sanctions.

Show Notes

The UN condemns Russia’s war in Ukraine. Ukraine’s cyber volunteers appear to be operating under the direction of Kyiv’s Ministry of Defense, and may be targeting Russian infrastructure. Belarusian cyber operators are phishing with stolen Ukrainian credentials in a cyberespionage campaign. Task Force KleptoCapture. Infusion pumps found vulnerable to cyberattack. TeaBot is found in the Play Store. TCP middlebox reflection. Dan Prince from Lancaster University on trustworthy autonomous systems. Our guest is John Shegerian from ERI on the security angle of e-recycling. And no more Harleys for Mr. Putin.

Selected reading.

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