The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.8.22
Ep 1530 | 3.8.22

Updates on Russia’s hybrid war, including cyber ops and influence operations. Mustang Panda focuses on Europe in its cyberespionage. Ransomware hits oil and gas sector. UPS vulnerabilities.

Show Notes

Updates from the UK’s Ministry of Defense on Russia’s War in Ukraine. Influence operations: the advantage still seems to go to Ukraine, as Russian efforts look inward. Assessing the effects of hacktivism and cyber operations in the hybrid war. Privateering: Conti, Ragnar Locker, and (probably) others. Mustang Panda rears up in European diplomatic networks. Ransomware hits a Romanian fuel distributor. Andrea Little Limbago from Interos on data traps. Carole Theriault tracks the fight against deepfakes. Vulnerabilities found in UPS devices.

Selected reading.

What Happened on Day 12 of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine (New York Times) 

Russia-Ukraine latest news: US to ban all Russian oil, coal and gas (The Telegraph)

Ukraine’s resistance leaves Russia facing the prospect of a humiliating defeat (The Telegraph) 

Why Vladimir Putin is losing the information war to Ukraine (Atlantic Council) 

Russian War Report: Kremlin recycles old narratives to claim Ukraine is constructing dirty bombs and bioweapons (Atlantic Council) 

Hacktivism in the Russia-Ukraine War (Check Point Software) 

Conti Ransomware Gang Claims 50+ New Victims including Oil Terminal… (eSentire)

Hackers Targeted U.S. LNG Producers in Run-Up to Ukraine War (Bloomberg) 

RagnarLocker Ransomware Indicators of Compromise (FBI) 

Rompetrol gas station network hit by Hive ransomware (BleepingComputer)

Armis Finds Three Critical Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in APC Smart-UPS Devices, Dubbed "TLStorm," Exposing More than 20 Million Enterprise Devices (PR Newswire)