The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.14.22
Ep 1534 | 3.14.22

Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine becomes more firepower intensive, but hackers make their mark. Cybercrime does business as usual.

Show Notes

The situation in Russia’s war against Ukraine, and Mr. Putin’s frustration with his intelligence services. Provocations, state-hacking, and influence operations in a hybrid war. Lapsus$ hits Ubisoft with ransomware. LockBit hits Bridgestone America. The Escobar banking Trojan is out in the wild. Kaspersky source apparently not compromised after all. Dan Prince wonders if we are properly preparing for the roles of tomorrow? Rick Howard is pulling on the kill chain. And the wayward aim of public opinion.

Selected reading.

After more than two weeks of war, the Russian military grinds forward at a heavy cost (Washington Post) 

Ukraine war latest: Talks resume as Russia strikes Kyiv (BBC News) 

US view of Putin: Angry, frustrated, likely to escalate war (AP NEWS) 

Kremlin arrests FSB chiefs in fallout from Ukraine chaos (Times) 

Russian Cyber Restraint in Ukraine Puzzles Experts (SecurityWeek)

Russia's cyber offensive against Ukraine has been limited so far. Experts are divided on why (KESQ)

Not the time to go poking around’: How former U.S. hackers view dealing with Russia (POLITICO)

We're seeing 800% increase in cyberattacks, says MSP (Register)

Russia makes claims of US-backed biological weapon plot at UN (the Guardian) 

Russian media spreading disinformation about US bioweapons as troops mass near Ukraine (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists) 

Russian TikTok Influencers Are Being Paid to Spread Kremlin Propaganda (Vice)

The White House is briefing TikTok stars about the war in Ukraine (Washington Post) 

Android malware Escobar steals your Google Authenticator MFA codes (BleepingComputer) 

Google Attempts to Explain Surge in Chrome Zero-Day Exploitation (SecurityWeek) Google: We're spotting more Chrome browser zero-day flaws in the wild. Here's why (ZDNet).

Ubisoft says it experienced a ‘cyber security incident’, and the purported Nvidia hackers are taking credit (The Verge)

UPDATE 1-Japan's Denso hit by apparent ransomware attack - NHK (Reuters)