The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.15.22
Ep 1535 | 3.15.22

Disinformation and cyberattacks in Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine. DDoS attack hits Israeli telcos. Captured tools are old news. Recent trends in cybercrime.

Show Notes

Biowar disinformation. A new wiper is discovered in Ukrainian systems. Cyber criminals look for letters of marque from both sides (and some of them are looking like hacktivists). Ukrainian cybersecurity firms and intelligence services mobilize against Russia. Ben Yelin evaluates cyber engagements in the crisis. A protester crashes a Russian news broadcast. DDoS attack takes down Israeli sites. China claims to have “captured” NSA hacking tools. Our guest is Ben Brook CEO of Transcend with a look at data privacy. Recent trends in cybercrime.

Selected reading.

Researchers find new destructive wiper malware in Ukraine (The Verge) 

Cloud Native Technologies Used in Russia-Ukraine Cyber Attacks (Aqua Security) 

Financially motivated threat actors willing to go after Russian targets (Help Net Security) 

Kyiv’s hackers seize their wartime moment (POLITICO) 

Global Incident Report: Threat Actors Divide Along Ideological Lines over the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on Underground Forums (Accenture)

Political fallout in cybercrime circles upping the threat to Western targets (CyberScoop)

A protester storms a live broadcast on Russia’s most-watched news show, yelling, ‘Stop the war!’ (New York Times)

Denial-of-service attack knocked Israeli government sites offline (CyberScoop) 

China claims it captured NSA spy tool that already leaked (Register) 

Ransomware Variants Q4 2021 ( 

Cequence Security Releases Report Revealing Top 3 Attack Trends in API Security (Cequence)