The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.16.22
Ep 1536 | 3.16.22

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy addresses the US Congress, as Russia’s hybrid war continues. LokiLocker ransomware flies a false flag. CISA warns of Russian cyber threat. Advance fee arrest.

Show Notes

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy addresses the US Congress, as intelligence services, contractors, and hacktivists wage their part of a hybrid war. BlackBerry describes LokiLocker, a new strain of ransomawre that’s not Iranian, but would have you think it is. CISA and the FBI warn of a Russian cyber campaign. Nigeria arrests an alleged advance-fee scam artist (he’s been wanted for some time.)

Selected reading.

Russia Bombards Kyiv as European Leaders Arrive in Ukraine’s Capital (Wall Street Journal) 

Ukraine Update: Kyiv Sees ‘Contradictions’ in Russia Talks (Bloomberg)

Russia says Ukraine talks progressing as onslaught continues (AP NEWS) 

Ukraine Live Updates: Zelensky Implores Congress for More Weapons and Sanctions (New York Times) 

Top Ukrainian cyber official praises volunteer hacks on Russian targets, offers updates (CyberScoop) 

Bombs And Hackers Are Battering Ukraine’s Internet Providers. ‘Hidden Heroes’ Risk Their Lives To Keep Their Country Online (Forbes) 

Cyber conflict in Ukraine is growing more complex by the day (Washington Post)

New Ransomware Family Identified: LokiLocker RaaS Targets Windows Systems (BlackBerry) 

Russian State-Sponsored Cyber Actors Access Network Misconfigured with Default MFA Protocols (CISA) 

Russian State-Sponsored Cyber Actors Gain Network Access by Exploiting Default Multifactor Authentication Protocols and “PrintNightmare” Vulnerability (CISA)

Nigerian authorities arrest alleged scammer on FBI Most Wanted List (The Record by Recorded Future)