The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.30.22
Ep 1546 | 3.30.22

Taking down bot farms. Cyber aggression. Kinetic influence ops, Spamming yourself? CS control system advisories. Sanctions are also biting Russian cyber gangs.

Show Notes

Taking down bot farms. Russia says the US is the aggressor in cyberspace. Influence operations, arriving at Mach 10. The call is coming from inside the house! Cyber incidents affect aviation services. CISA posts ICS control system advisories. I welcome Tim Eades from the Cyber Mentor Fund. Our guest is Alex Holland from HP Wolf Security describing a new wave of attacks. And Sanctions are also biting Russian cyber gangs.

Selected reading.

Ukraine dismantles 5 disinformation bot farms, seizes 10,000 SIM cards (BleepingComputer)

Russia accuses U.S. of massive 'cyber aggression' (Reuters) 

Russia Has Fired 'Multiple' Hypersonic Missiles Into Ukraine, US General Confirms (Defense One) 

BREAKING: Russian Aviation Authority Suffers Cyberattack (Mentour Pilot) 

Bradley Airport Website Suffers Cyber Attack (NBC Connecticut) 

Philips e-Alert (CISA) 

Rockwell Automation ISaGRAF (CISA) 

Omron CX-Position (CISA) 

Hitachi Energy LinkOne WebView (CISA)

Modbus Tools Modbus Slave (CISA) 

Delta Electronics DIAEnergie (CISA)

“Your rubles will only be good for lighting a fire”: Cybercriminals reel from impact of sanctions (Digital Shadows) 

Sanctions Hitting Russian Cyber-Criminals Hard (Infosecurity Magazine)