The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.1.22
Ep 1548 | 4.1.22

Epistemic closure in a hybrid war. Wiper used against VIasat modems. US Treasury sanctions more Russian actors. Remediating Spring4shell. Notes from law enforcement. And we’re not joking.

Show Notes

Attempting to evolve rules of cyber conduct during a hot hybrid war. Waiting for major Russian cyber operations. Viasat terminals were hit by wiper malware. Patches and detection scripts for Spring4shell. Warning of ransomware threat to local governments. Emergency data requests under Senatorial scrutiny. NSA employee charged with mishandling classified material. Andrea Little Limbago from Interos on Bots, Warriors and Trolls. Rick Howard speaks with Maretta Morovitz on cyber deception. And no April Foolin’ here.

Selected reading.

Russia’s War Lacks a Battlefield Commander, U.S. Officials Say (New York Times) 

Putin may be self-isolating from his military advisers, says White House (The Telegraph) 

Confronting Russian Cyber Censorship (Wilson Center) 

Zelensky Fires Two Generals (Wall Street Journal) 

French intelligence chief Vidaud fired over Russian war failings (BBC News) 

Cyber War Talks Heat Up at UN With Russia at Table (

Foreign Ministry statement on continued cyberattack by the “collective West” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation) 

New Protestware Found Lurking in Highly Popular NPM Package (

Russia targeting Ukraine, countries opposing war in cyberspace (Jerusalem Post)

Conti Leaks: Examining the Panama Papers of Ransomware (Trellix) 

British intelligence agencies: Moscow continuously attacks Ukraine in cyberspace (The Times Hub)

AcidRain | A Modem Wiper Rains Down on Europe (SentinelOne)

SentinelOne finds ties between Viasat hack and Russian actor (SC Magazine)

ExtraHop CEO: Expect a Russian cyber response to sanctions (Register)

Treasury sanctions Russian research center blamed for Trisis malware (CyberScoop) 

Treasury Targets Sanctions Evasion Networks and Russian Technology Companies Enabling Putin’s War (U.S. Department of the Treasury)

Evgeny Viktorovich Gladkikh – Rewards For JusticeArtboard 4Artboard 4 (Rewards for Justice) 

Spring confirms ‘Spring4Shell’ zero-day, releases patched update (The Record by Recorded Future) 

Spring4Shell (CVE-2022-22965): Are you vulnerable to this Zero Day? (Cyber Security Works) 

Ransomware Attacks Straining Local US Governments and Public Services (IC3) 

Senate’s Wyden Probes Use of Forged Legal Requests by Hackers (Bloomberg) 

NSA Employee Charged with Mishandling Classified Material (

National Security Agency Employee Indicted for Willful Transmission and Retention of National Defense Information (US Department of Justice) 

National Security Agency Employee Facing Federal Indictment for Willful Transmission and Retention of National Defense Information (US Department of Justice)