The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.8.22
Ep 1553 | 4.8.22

Disinformation in Russia’s war of aggression. Correlating overhead imagery and radio intercepts. Taking down state-sponsored cyber ops. Threats to power grids.

Show Notes

Russian disinformation in its war against Ukraine. Overhead imagery and electronic intercepts suggest that Russian atrocities are matters of policy and strategy. Microsoft disrupts GRU cyber operations. Facebook takes down Iranian coordinated inauthenticity. India’s Power Ministry says it stopped a Chinese cyberattack. Dave Dufour from Webroot on evolving attack mechanisms. Our guest is Dan Petro of Bishop Fox with a warning for document redaction. Grid security and the value of exercises.

Selected reading.

Putin’s ‘probably given up’ on Kyiv as Ukraine war enters new phase (Defense News) 

Ukraine says 39 killed in rocket strike on rail evacuation hub (Reuters)

Russian rocket attack on Kramatorsk train station kills dozens—Ukraine (Newsweek) 

Possible Evidence of Russian Atrocities: German Intelligence Intercepts Radio Traffic Discussing the Murder of Civilians in Bucha (Der Spiegel)

Germany intercepts Russian talk of indiscriminate killings in Ukraine (Washington Post) 

Microsoft says it disrupted Russian cyberattacks targeting Ukraine, West (The Hill)

Disrupting cyberattacks targeting Ukraine - Microsoft On the Issues (Microsoft On the Issues) 

GridEx VI Lessons Learned Report (NERC)

Power Grid Stress Test Finds Low-Tech Needs for High-Tech Problems (Wall Street Journal) 

Dire grid hacking scenario sparked “shields up” approach to Russian threat (Medium)