The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.20.22
Ep 1561 | 4.20.22

Updates on Russia’s hybrid war. Pegasus spyware in the service of espionage. CISA issues alerts and vulnerability warnings. C2C markets. Extradition for Assange? A guilty plea in a US cyberstalking case.

Show Notes

A Shuckworm update. Pegasus spyware found in UK government officials’ phones. CISA issues six ICS security alerts and adds three entries to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog. Gangs succeed when criminals run them like a business. Julian Assange moves closer to extradition to the US. Tim Eades from Cyber Mentor Fund on cyber valuations. Our guest is Wes Mullins from deepwatch discussing adversary simulations. And a guilty plea in a high-profile cyberstalking case.

Selected reading.

Shuckworm: Espionage Group Continues Intense Campaign Against Ukraine

UK Government Reportedly Infected With NSO Group Spyware

‘CatalanGate’ Spyware Infections Tied to NSO Group

Pegasus Spyware and Citizen Surveillance: What You Need to Know

Julian Assange extradition order issued by London court, moving WikiLeaks founder closer to US transfer .

Former eBay executive to plead guilty to cyberstalking campaign targeting couple