The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.28.22
Ep 1567 | 4.28.22

Russia and Ukraine trade cyberattacks. Chinese intelligence services look at Russian targets. Five Eyes advise on “routinely exploited vulnerabilities.” Physical sabotage as cyberattack. Name that mascot.

Show Notes

Microsoft summarizes the scale of Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine. Russian cyber capabilities should be neither overestimated nor underestimated. Russia has also come under cyberattack during its hybrid war. Chinese intelligence services are paying close attention to Russian targets. The Five Eyes advise us on “routinely exploited vulnerabilities.” Physical sabotage as cyberattack. Linda Gray-Martin and Britta Glade from RSA Conference (RSAC) discuss what’s new at RSAC and cybersecurity trends. Marc van Zadelhoff of Devo talks about their new podcast Cyber CEOs Decoded coming to the CyberWire network. And, hey kids, name that mascot.

Selected reading.

Special Report: Ukraine (Microsoft) 

Russian Cyber Capabilities Have ‘Reached Their Full Potential,’ Ukrainian Official Says (Wall Street Journal) 

Industroyer2: Nozomi Networks Labs Analyzes the IEC 104 Payload (Nozomi Networks) 

Russia Is Being Hacked at an Unprecedented Scale (Wired)

BRONZE PRESIDENT targets Russian speakers with updated PlugX - Blog (Secureworks)

CISA, FBI, NSA, and International Partners Warn Organizations of Top Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities (National Security Agency/Central Security Service) 

The Air Force is trusting the internet to name its ridiculous new cybersecurity mascot (Task & Purpose)