The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.5.22
Ep 1572 | 5.5.22

Dateline Moscow, Kyiv, and Minsk: Hacktivisim and privateering. Log4j vulnerabilities more widespread than initially thought. US Cyber Command deploys "hunt forward" team to Lithuania.

Show Notes

Hacktivisim and privateering in Moscow, Kyiv, and Minsk. Log4j vulnerabilities are more widespread than initially thought. US Cyber Command deployed a "hunt forward" team to Lithuania. CISA adds five vulnerabilities to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog. Jen Miller-Osborn from Palo Alto Networks discusses the findings from the Center for Digital Government's survey on Getting Ahead of Ransomware. Grayson Milbourne of Webroot/OpenText discusses OpenText's 2022 BrightCloud Threat Report. And Anonymous leaks emails allegedly belonging to the Nauru Police Force.

Selected reading.

Russian ally Belarus launches military quick-response drills (Washington Post)

Putin’s Ukraine War: Desperate Belarus dictator strikes back (Atlantic Council)

Russian ransomware group claims attack on Bulgarian refugee agency (CyberScoop)

Russia and Ukraine Conflict Q&A | Cybersixgill (Cybersixgill) Threat Advisory: New Log4j Exploit Demonstrates a Hidden Blind Spot in the Global Digital Supply Chain (Cequence)

Anonymous Leak 82GB of Police Emails Against Australia's Offshore Detention (HackRead)