The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.10.22
Ep 1575 | 5.10.22

Notes on cyber phases of Russia’s hybrid war, including an assessment of Victory Day as an influence op. A look at C2C markets. And Spain’s spyware scandal claims an intelligence chief.

Show Notes

A quick introductory note on Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine. Russian television schedules hacked to display anti-war message. Phishing campaign distributes Jester Stealer in Ukraine. European Council formally attributes cyberattack on Viasat to Russia. Costa Rica declares a state of emergency as Conti ransomware cripples government sites. DCRat and the C2C markets. The gang behind REvil does indeed seem to be back. More Joker-infested apps found in Google Play. Guest Nick Adams from Differential Ventures discusses what will drive continued growth of cybersecurity beyond attack surfaces and governance from a VC's perspective. Partner Ben Yelin from UMD CHHS on digital privacy concerns in the aftermath of the potential overturn of Roe vs Wade. And Spain’s spyware scandal takes down an intelligence chief.

Selected reading.

Ukraine morning briefing: Five developments as Joe Biden warns Vladimir Putin has 'no way out' (The Telegraph)

Viewpoint: Putin now faces only different kinds of defeat (BBC News) 

Putin's Victory Day speech gives no clue on Ukraine escalation (Reuters) 

On Victory Day, Putin defends war on Ukraine as fight against ‘Nazis’ (Washington Post) 

In Speech, Putin Shows Reluctance in Demanding Too Much of Russians (New York Times) 

Putin's parade shows he "is going to continue at whatever cost" in Ukraine (Newsweek)

Russia’s display of military might sent the West a strong message – just not the one Putin intended (The Telegraph)

Russian TV Schedules Hacked on Victory Day to Show Anti-War Messages (HackRead) 

Russian TV hacked to say ‘blood of Ukrainians is on your hands’ (The Telegraph) 

Mass Distribution of Self-Destructing Malware in Ukraine (BankInfoSecurity) 

Russian cyber operations against Ukraine: Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the European Union (European Council)