The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.13.22
Ep 1578 | 5.13.22

War crimes in cyberspace? Iranian cyberespionage (and a possible APT side-hustle). A backdoor for Roblox. Darkweb C2C trader sentenced. eBay newsletter conspirator pleads guilty. CIA gets a CISO.

Show Notes

Ukraine holds its first war crimes trial. Are there war crimes in cyberspace? Iranian cyberespionage (and a possible APT side-hustle). Roblox seems to have been used to introduce a backdoor. CISA issues ICS advisories. Darkweb C2C trader sentenced. The last conspirator in the strange case of the eBay newsletter takes a guilty plea. Carole Theriault looks at Google’s new approach to cookies in Europe. Our guest is Mary Writz of ForgeRock on the growing importance of mobile device authentication security. And CIA gets a CISO.

Selected reading.

Ukraine to put first Russian soldier on trial for war crimes | DW | 12.05.2022 (Deutsche Welle)

Russian soldier on trial in first Ukraine war-crimes case (AP NEWS)

First Russian soldier goes on trial in Ukraine for war crimes (the Guardian) 

The Case for War Crimes Charges Against Russia’s Sandworm Hackers (Wired)

Iranian hackers exposed in a highly targeted espionage campaign (BleepingComputer) 

Iranian APT Cobalt Mirage launching ransomware attacks (SearchSecurity)

Iranian Hackers Leveraging BitLocker and DiskCryptor in Ransomware Attacks (The Hacker News) 

Iranian Cyberspy Group Launching Ransomware Attacks Against US (SecurityWeek) 

Please Confirm You Received Our APT | FortiGuard Labs  (Fortinet Blog) 

Roblox Exploited with Trojans from Scripting Engine (Avanan)

Ukrainian cybercriminal sentenced to 4 years in U.S. prison for credential theft scheme (CyberScoop)

Ukrainian sentenced to 4 years for selling hacked passwords (The Record by Recorded Future) 

Ex-eBay exec charged with harassing newsletter publishers pleads guilty (Reuters)

CIA selects new CISO with deep private sector experience (The Record by Recorded Future)