The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.16.22
Ep 1579 | 5.16.22

Users advised to patch actively exploited Zyxel vulnerability. Hacktivism and influence ops in Russia’s hybrid war. Ransomware notes. Indiscriminate hacktivism? Alt-coin sanctions case will proceed.

Show Notes

Users are advised to patch Zyxel firewalls. Battlefield failure and popular morale in Russia’s hybrid war. Nuisance-level hacktivism in the hybrid war. Sweden and Finland move closer to NATO membership; concern over possible Russian cyberattacks rises. Intelligence, disinformation, or wishful thinking? Conti calls for rebellion in Costa Rica. PayOrGrief is just rebranded DoppelPaymer. Anonymous action in Sri Lanka seems indiscriminate and counterproductive. Dinah Davis from Arctic Wolf examines cyber security for startups. Rick Howard looks at two factor authentication. And a judge says cryptocurrency can’t be used to evade sanctions.

Selected reading.

Critical Vulnerability Allows Remote Hacking of Zyxel Firewalls (SecurityWeek) 

Zyxel security advisory for OS command injection vulnerability of firewalls (Zyxel) 

Growing evidence of a military disaster on the Donets pierces a pro-Russian bubble. (New York Times) 

OpRussia update: Anonymous breached other organizations (Security Affairs) 

Italy prevents pro-Russian hacker attacks during Eurovision contest (Reuters) 

Finland, Sweden’s NATO moves prompt fears of Russian cyberattacks (The Hill) 

Coup to remove cancer-stricken Putin underway in Russia, Ukrainian intelligence chief says (Fortune) 

Conti ransomware gang calls for Costa Rican citizens to revolt if government doesn't pay (SC Magazine) 

Anonymous wanted to help Sri Lankans. Their hacks put many in grave danger (Rest of World) 

U.S. issues charges in first criminal cryptocurrency sanctions case (Washington Post)