The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.17.22
Ep 1580 | 5.17.22

Russian cyber threats and NATO’s Article 5. Conti says it’s going to bring Cost Rica to its knees. BLE proof-of-concept hack. CISA warns of initial access methods. Thanos proprietor indicted.

Show Notes

An assessment of the Russian cyber threat. NATO's Article 5 in cyberspace. Conti's ransomware attack against Costa Rica spreads, in scope and effect. Bluetooth vulnerabilities demonstrated in proof-of-concept. CISA and its international partners urge following best practices to prevent threat actors from gaining initial access. Joe Carrigan looks at updates to the FIDO alliance. Rick Howard and Ben Rothke discuss author Andrew Stewart's book "A Vulnerable System: The History of Information Security in the Computer Age". And,the doctor was in, but wow, was he also way out of line.

Selected reading.

Russia Planned a Major Military Overhaul. Ukraine Shows the Result. (New York Times) 

The Cyberwar Against Pro-Ukrainian Countries is Real. Here’s What to Do (CSO Online) 

Collective cyber defence and attack: NATO’s Article 5 after the Ukraine conflict (European Leadership Network) 

Cyber attack on Costa Rica grows as more agencies hit, president says (Reuters)

Ransomware gang threatens to ‘overthrow’ new Costa Rica government, raises demand to $20 million (The Record by Recorded Future) 

Hacker Shows Off a Way to Unlock Tesla Models, Start Cars (Bloomberg)

NCC Group uncovers Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) vulnerability that puts millions of cars, mobile devices and locking systems at risk (NCC Group) 

Technical Advisory – Tesla BLE Phone-as-a-Key Passive Entry Vulnerable to Relay Attacks (NCC Group Research) 

Technical Advisory – Kwikset/Weiser BLE Proximity Authentication in Kevo Smart Locks Vulnerable to Relay Attacks (NCC Group Research)

Technical Advisory – BLE Proximity Authentication Vulnerable to Relay Attacks (NCC Group Research) 

Alert (AA22-137A) Weak Security Controls and Practices Routinely Exploited for Initial Access (CISA)

Hacker and Ransomware Designer Charged for Use and Sale of Ransomware, and Profit Sharing Arrangements with Cybercriminals (U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York) 

US prosecutors allege Venezuelan doctor is ransomware mastermind (ZDNet) 

'Multi-tasking doctor' was mastermind behind 'Thanos' ransomware builder, DOJ says (The Record by Recorded Future) 

U.S. Charges Venezuelan Doctor for Using and Selling Thanos Ransomware (The Hacker News)