The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.18.22
Ep 1581 | 5.18.22

Privateering goes fully political. Compromised robots? Conti’s campaign against Costa Rica. Cyberconflict along the Nile. A reset in the cyber insurance market.

Show Notes

Chaos ransomware group declares for Russia. Hacktivists claim to have compromised Russian-manufactured ground surveillance robots. Conti's ongoing campaign against Costa Rica. The claimed "international" cyberattack against Nile dam was stopped. Rick Howard speaks with author Caroline Wong on her book “Security Metrics, a Beginner's Guide”. Our guests are Kathleen Smith and Rachel Bozeman, hosts of the new podcast, Security Cleared Jobs. And the cyber insurance market experiences a “reset.”

Selected reading.

Chaos Ransomware Variant Sides with Russia (Fortinet Blog)

Did hackers commandeer surveillance robots at a Russian airport? (The Daily Dot) 

Russian Hacking Cartel Attacks Costa Rican Government Agencies (New York Times) 

Costa Rican president claims collaborators are aiding Conti's ransomware extortion efforts (CyberScoop) 

"We will overthrow the government" - Does Conti have help inside Costa Rica? (Tech Monitor) 

Costa Ricans scrambled to pay taxes by hand after cyberattack took down country’s collection system (Yahoo) 

Ethiopia faces new cyberattacks on its Nile dam (Al-Monitor) 

Cyber Insurers Raise Rates Amid a Surge in Costly Hacks (Wall Street Journal)