The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.24.22
Ep 1585 | 5.24.22

Verizon's 2022 DBIR shows a sharp rise in ransomware. Origins of Chaos ransomware. GuLoader’s phishbait. Malicious proofs-of-concept. Hyperlocal disinformation and hybrid warfare. Robin Hood?

Show Notes

Verizon's 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report shows a sharp rise in ransomware. Origins of the Chaos ransomware operation. The GuLoader campaign uses bogus purchase orders. Security researchers are targeted in a malware campaign. Hyperlocal disinformation. Turla reconnaissance has been detected in Austrian and Estonian networks. Ben Yelin describes a content moderation fight that may be headed to the supreme court. Our guest is Richard Melick from Zimperium to discuss threats to mobile security. Robin Hood (or not).

Selected reading.

2022 Data Breach Investigations Report (Verizon Business) 

Yashma Ransomware, Tracing the Chaos Family Tree (BlackBerry)

Spoofed Saudi Purchase Order Drops GuLoader: Part 1 (Fortinet Blog) 

Malware Campaign Targets InfoSec Community: Threat Actor Uses Fake Proof of Concept to Deliver Cobalt-Strike Beacon (Cyble)

Network of hyperlocal Russian Telegram channels spew disinformation in occupied Ukraine (CyberScoop) 

Russian hackers perform reconnaissance against Austria, Estonia (BleepingComputer)

New ransomware forces victims to donate to poor (The Independent)